Audio Visual

Our in-house design and print team can assist you with all audio visual elements of the funeral service. Whether the service is at our chapel, a graveside or a local church we have the equipment and expertise for all your needs.

Public Address

We have a vast range of equipment including microphones, lecterns, speakers, amplifiers and wireless systems. No matter how many are in attendance or the location of the service, we have a solution to ensure that every spoken word and musical tribute can be heard clearly.


Most funerals comprise of several pieces of recorded music. This is sourced and played by our staff. Simply tell us the name and the artist and we will take care of the rest. We have an extensive network of musicians and singers that can perform live if you are looking for something more traditional.


We have years of experience designing and printing Order of Service booklets. We work closely with you to produce a design that serves as a meaningful keepsake for all in attendance. Our team liaise directly with the celebrant to source the content. Photos you would like included in the booklet can be given to us as hard copies or electronically on a flash drive or via email. We can retouch and edit images using Adobe Photoshop to ensure optimal print quality.  We are able to provide you with an electronic .pdf copy of the booklet to send to anyone unable to attend.


We can compile a pictorial slideshow to be played during the service. Simply send us the photos you would like included and we will edit them and synchronise with your choice of music. The slideshow will be provided to you after the service on a flash drive as an mp4. The flash drive also contains a digital .jpg of all the photos used. We are also able to email you a link to an electronic copy of the slideshow.


Our crematorium chapel is equipped with a high-resolution camera capable of recording the audio and video of the service. An mp4 video is given to you either electronically or on a flash drive.

Live Streaming

Some may find it difficult to attend the funeral. The crematorium chapel can live stream a service to the web for those who are unable to attend.

Share the link below with anyone who would like to watch…