Our experienced stone masons have been installing monuments in the local cemeteries for generations. We offer a wide range of full monuments, lawn headstones and bronze plaques. Almost any combination of shape and granite can be used. If there is a particular monument you like, we can replicate it.

Serviced Areas

Cemeteries we service include:

  • East Kempsey Cemetery
  • West Kempsey Cemetery
  • Frederickton Cemetery
  • Arakoon Cemetery
  • Tom’s Gully Cemetery
  • Bellbrook Cemetery

Headstone Prices

The price of lawn headstones varies depending on the type of granite, shape, size, finish, inscription (text) and location of the grave. Simple designs start from $3000 and large, elaborate designs can cost up to $6000. For a free, no obligation quote contact us with your preference of wording and style.

Monument Restoration

Our firm offers cleaning, maintenance and repair work to ensure your loved one’s resting place is kept forever neat.

Online Catalogue

Below are some of our most popular styles

Full Monuments


Lawn Headstones


Bronze Plaques


A Black ganite headstone and base. Vases on flush with base on either side of headstone. Headstone has a curved top in both direction and slopped face. Silver inscription. Vase pots are silver. Includes an 8×10 oval ceramic photo with silver frame.

Lawn Headstones
Emblem, Ceramic Photo
Name: Thurgood
Material: Black
Inscription Type: Silver
Max Height: 570
Base Thickness: 100