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Audio Visual

Our in-house design and print team can assist you with all audio visual elements of the funeral service. Whether the service is at our chapel, a graveside or a local church we have the equipment and expertise for all your needs.

Public Address

We have a vast range of equipment including microphones, lecterns, speakers, amplifiers and wireless systems. No matter how many are in attendance or the location of the service, we have a solution to ensure that every spoken word and musical tribute can be heard clearly.


Most funerals comprise of several pieces of recorded music. This is sourced and played by our staff. Simply tell us the name and the artist and we will take care of the rest. We have an extensive network of musicians and singers that can perform live if you are looking for something more traditional.


We have years of experience designing and printing Order of Service booklets. We work closely with you to produce a design that serves as a meaningful keepsake for all in attendance. Our team liaise directly with the celebrant to source the content. Photos you would like included in the booklet can be given to us as hard copies or electronically on a flash drive or via email. We can retouch and edit images using Adobe Photoshop to ensure optimal print quality.  We are able to provide you with an electronic .pdf copy of the booklet to send to anyone unable to attend.


We can compile a pictorial slideshow to be played during the service. Simply send us the photos you would like included and we will edit them and synchronise with your choice of music. The slideshow will be provided to you after the service on a flash drive as an mp4. The flash drive also contains a digital .jpg of all the photos used. We are also able to email you a link to an electronic copy of the slideshow.


Our crematorium chapel is equipped with a high-resolution camera capable of recording the audio and video of the service. An mp4 video is given to you either electronically or on a flash drive.

Live Streaming

Some may find it difficult to attend the funeral. The crematorium chapel can live stream a service to the web for those who are unable to attend.

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Funeral Pricing

Walker Funerals is an independent locally owned funeral home. Established in 1856 the Walker Family has been serving the local community for seven generations. With over 150 years of experience you can rest assured that your loved one will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Funeral packages can restrict your choice. Instead of offering packages, we personalise each funeral service based on your requirements and adjust the price accordingly.

We believe in affordable, transparent pricing. Before entering into any agreement with our firm, you will be provided with a full written quote.

All prices listed below include GST.

Standard hours are weekdays 8am – 4:30pm.

Into Our Care

Our involvement begins with the transfer of your loved one from their place of death to our mortuary. Our mortuary is located in our funeral home at 75 Smith Street, Kempsey. Transportation will be in a suitable vehicle owned by our company. The cost of the transfer is determined by the location and time of death.

  • From a Residence 550
  • From a Residence After Hours 750
  • From a Hospital or Nursing Home 350
  • From a Nursing Home After Hours 550
  • Travel over 70km 3.30 per km

Holding Your Loved One In Our Care

The cost of holding your loved one in our mortuary.

  • Holding Fee (per day) 20*
  • *No charge for the first 14 days if our firm conducts the cremation or burial

Mortuary Care

The preparation of your loved one including dressing and placement into a coffin.

  • Basic Mortuary Care 350
  • Complex Mortuary Care 650


A coffin is required to transport your loved one. Coffins come in a wide variety of styles to meet the needs of all – from simple veneered particleboard to solid, carved timber. It is also possible to have a completely personalised coffin, or a simple, environmentally friendly coffin. The price varies depending on your choice of material, pattern, colour and finish. The fee includes the chosen coffin, hardware (handles, nameplate) and interior linings.

  • Coffin Range 1450-5000


A viewing is optional. It is an opportunity for family and friends to spend some private time with your loved one prior to the funeral. Our viewing rooms are located at our funeral home in Smith Street, Kempsey.

  • Viewing 150
  • Viewing After Hours 400

Arranging and Conducting The Funeral (Professional Fee)

A funeral service involves days of preparation and planning, as well as several hours of involvement from numerous staff on the day.

Our professional fee covers all business operating costs; including wages and training of our staff, 24 hour availability to answer all enquiries, attending to relevant administration and legal documents, liaising with various third parties (crematorium, cemeteries, florists, advertising firms, celebrants, musicians, doctors), transportation to the funeral venue, preparation of music, graveside furnishings, notifying government bodies of death (Centrelink, Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages), construction and maintenance of facilities, purchasing and maintenance of vehicles, licensing, insurance and utilities, advice and support following the funeral.

Arrival service funeral: An arrival service takes place entirely at the crematorium chapel. The coffin is in place before guests arrive and no hearse is present.

Single service funeral: A single service funeral takes place at one location (a chapel, church or graveside). The service includes a final committal and the hearse and coffin drive away at the end of the service with no procession following.

Dual service funeral: A dual service funeral takes place at two locations. It begins at a chapel or church and is followed by a procession to the cemetery or crematorium for a final committal ceremony.

  • Cremation Arrival Service 3900
  • Cremation Single Service 4000
  • Cremation Dual Service 4300
  • Burial Single Service 4200
  • Burial Dual Service 4500
  • Saturday Surcharge 750
  • Travel Over 70km From Funeral Home 4 per km

Celebrant Fees

This is the fee paid to the celebrant that officiates the service. This includes their time to prepare the service and their time at the funeral service.

  • Civil Celebrant 500
  • Catholic Priest 250
  • Anglican Minister 220
  • Uniting Minister 200
  • Other Denominations POA

Hire of a Venue

The cost to hire the facility where the funeral service takes place. This includes opening, closing and associated cleaning costs. It also includes the cost of any PA and AV equipment required.

  • Walkers Crematorium Chapel 500
  • Catholic Church Kempsey Included
  • Catholic Church South West Rocks Included
  • Anglican Church Kempsey 100
  • Anglican Church South West Rocks 150
  • Uniting Church Kempsey 250
  • Uniting Church South West Rocks Included

Third Party Fees

  • Registered Death Certificate 70
  • Certificate of Cremation (issued by doctor) 120
  • Medical Referee Cremation Permit 120

Cremation Fees

  • Adult Cremation 1480
  • Child Cremation 300

Burial Fees

Burial fees involve the purchase of a gravesite, the right of interment, preparation of the site, digging the grave, closing the grave and perpetual maintenance. Costs will vary depending upon the cemetery and the type of burial site required. Local cemeteries are managed by Kempsey Shire Council. These include East Kempsey, Frederickton, Arakoon, Kinki, Tom’s Gully and Bellbrook.

  • First Interment In New Position 4750
  • First Interment In Reserved Position 3900
  • Second Interment Above 2250
  • Perpetual Interment Right (Reservation) 2350
  • Council Saturday Surcharge 800
  • Other Cemetery POA

Audio Visual

Supply and play songs and hymns at the service.

Order of Service booklets
Designing, printing and folding of the booklets given to those at the funeral. The booklet contains pictures, hymn lyrics, poems and an outline of the service. Additional copies are passed onto you after the service to give to those who were unable to attend.

Photo Presentation
The compilation of a photo presentation including scanning and editing the photos and synchronising them with your choice of music. Fee includes all technology required to play the presentation. A copy of the slideshow is passed onto you after the service on a flash drive. This also contains a digital copy (.jpg) of all the photos used.

Live Stream & Video Recording
The chapel at our crematorium can capture a video live stream and recording of the funeral service. This is automatically uploaded to our webpage 1-2 days after the service. Recording a service can be arranged for any local church or cemetery.

  • Supply Music No Charge
  • Design Booklet Including 100 Prints 450-600
  • Additional Booklet Prints 2
  • Design Photo Presentation Including 100 Photos 300
  • Additional Slideshow Photos 2
  • BYO Slideshow - Reformat and Test 50
  • Live Stream & Recording (Walkers Crematorium Chapel) 200
  • Video Recording In Church 400

Our Lowest Cost Option

A direct, no attendance cremation: 4100*

This option does not include a service or ceremony. In its simplest form, it is the collection of your loved one, the cremation and the return of their ashes to you. It includes:

  • Transfer from place of death to funeral home
  • Mortuary care
  • A simple coffin
  • A registered death certificate
  • Doctor’s cremation papers
  • Conveyance to crematorium
  • The cremation fee

A direct, no attendance burial: 3950* + Council Grave Fees

This option does not include a service or ceremony. In its simplest form, it is the collection of your loved one and their burial. It includes:

  • Transfer from place of death to funeral home
  • Mortuary care
  • A simple coffin
  • A registered death certificate
  • Conveyance to cemetery (within 50km)
  • A grave marker


*Additional Charges
Transfer from place of death after hours: 300
Viewing during standard hours: 250
Complex death: 300