Australians all have a role to play in protecting our unique and fragile environment.

Our company is a strong believer in a sustainable future. Reducing our carbon dioxide emissions is essential to limit the impacts of climate change. We are on a path to decarbonise our activities.

Our crematorium has partnered with Origin Energy to supply our cremation system with green LPG, a carbon neutral product. This is achieved by carbon offsetting processes such as planting trees and investment in renewable energy. Our electricity supply is also carbon neutral.

Carbon offsetting involves a project or activity that lessens greenhouse gas emissions or removes carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions produced from other activities. -

Improving the natural environment is essential for a sustainable future. All our coffins are Australian made using plantation timber. Manufacturing in Australia supplies local jobs and ensures lower transport emissions than purchasing overseas. To further offset our carbon footprint we have partnered with Carbon Neutral to plant a tree for every coffin we use. This program ensures a lasting legacy for our children and future generations.