Walkers Crematorium Memorials

For over 150 years, our experienced consultants have been helping families create special memories. We consult closely with you to consider your family’s religious, cultural or traditional background. Then we help you choose the perfect memorialisation so that you, your children, grandchildren and every generation will always be able to visit in a uniquely beautiful setting.

All positions can be pre-purchased or purchased at time of need.

Rose Garden

Roses have a long history as a flower of love and remembrance. White for innocence, red for love and grief, yellow for abiding friendship. You’ll see every hue in our formal rose garden.

A place of timeless beauty and grace with elegant rows and bordered beds of colourful blooms, carefully tended by our gardeners.

Come closer and their unmistakable fragrance will delight the spirit.

Each position includes two ash
interments and two bronze plaques
Plaque Size (mm): 180 x 150
Price: $3200

Download The Rose Garden Inscription Form

Columbarium Wall

Surrounded by lush grass in an open landscape these purpose built walls allow for a traditional and moving tribute.

Each position includes one ash
interment and one bronze plaque
Plaque size (mm): 190 x 150
Price: $1080

Download The Columbarium Wall Inscription Form

Tree of Remembrance

Scattering the ashes of a loved one has become increasingly popular. However, choosing the right location is important as a lasting memory in the future.

Within the very heart of our gardens the Tree of Remembrance offers that special place to scatter your loved ones ashes.

Ash scattered under Tree of Remembrance.
No individual positions marked
Price: $100

Wall of Remembrance

Creating a memorial is an important part of the journey through grief. It provides a peaceful and meaningful place for you to visit. Within our gardens, you’ll find a number of places that give you a focal point for recollection and commemoration.

The Wall of Remembrance, central to our gardens, offers a special space to place a plaque in memory of your loved one so they will be forever remembered.

Bronze plaque on Wall of Remembrance.
No provision for ash interment
Plaque Size (mm): 100 x 80
Price: $600

Bronze plaque on Wall of Remembrance
Plus ash scattered under Tree of Remembrance
Plaque size (mm): 100 x 80
Price: $650

Download The Wall of Remembrance Inscription Form